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HIDDeN Outreach

  • 29/11/2023
    Predicted long time ago by the Einstein theory of General Relativity, gravitational waves constitute today one the most promising field of modern physics. Only produced by the most violent events of the universe, like mergers of black holes or neutron stars, they have shed light on the intrinsic properties of those objects. Furthermore, the gravitational waves have the potential to reveal the first instant of the universe, dark matter or again dark energy. For these reasons, they have opened a totally new window on our way to observe and understand the universe. In line with that, tremendous efforts are currently spent in order to build efficient telescopes or other gravitational wave detectors. In this article, we recall the main properties of gravitational waves, as proposed initially by Albert Einstein, we then present the recent signals of gravitational waves observed in the currently running experiments. Finally, the futur prospects are discussed.
  • 25/10/2023
    Billions of years ago, the Universe we are living in might have looked very different than it does today. In fact there are hints in recent data that the Universe went through a very chaotic and disruptive time. The Universe might have been boiling. But to understand where this hypothesis comes from and how scientists believe they can observe the effects of this boiling we need to take a step back and tell the story of Penzian and Wilson.
  • 04/10/2023
    The desire of humans to classify and organize things according to a few simple laws is something deep in our culture and it is something that we have done since 2500 years.