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Did you know?

Physics, following the Breadcrumbs of our Intuition

  • Bees and colors

    Bees are not able to perceive red light, but they can perceive colours other than purple to which we humans are not sensitive! This is useful for them in better distinguishing certain flowers from others and understanding which ones to pollinate, which is of little use to us.

    GPS, the need for relativity

    The GPS uses a system of satellites orbiting the earth to map the position on earth. Since it is essential to know exactly when the position request was made, effects due to relativity must be taken into account for time dilation! If this were not the case, after just one day the accumulated error would already amount to few kilometers!

    Quantum phenomena and technology

    Technologies using the quantum phenomenon of superposition already exist! So-called “quantum computers” (but not only!) are able to use it to speed up certain calculations exponentially! What could take a traditional computer a millennium to calculate can be done in a few minutes.