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Paper of the month:  On the flavour anomalies and connections to new physics

March 2, 2022 by RebecaBV

Attached  “On the flavour anomalies and connections to new physics” report by María Ramos (UAM ESR) and Xavi Ponce (INFN ESR)


Abstract: In the past years several deviations from the Standard Model were observed in semi-leptonic charged and neutral currents, which became known as the B-anomalies. In this short article, we review the mostmupdated experimental results that constrain these observables as well as their new physics interpretation. In particular, we discuss a minimal model comprising a singlet and a leptoquark that could explain not only these deviations, but also the anomalous results associated to the muon magnetic moment and the extraction of the Cabibbo angle.


Figure 1: (Left) Contribution of the hypothetical particles of the model proposed in [2] to the flavour observables showing large deviations with respect to the SM prediction. (Top-right) Preferred region of the model parameters for exotic masses of 5.5TeV. (Bottom-right) Contributions of the model to RD(∗) , assuming the parameter space defined in the upper panel. The green and yellow bands are within 1σ and 2σ of the best fit point, respectively.